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What Are the Features You Should Look for in a Virtual Event Platform?

In 2022, everyone is turning to conduct a virtual event for their businesses. It is an easy source to reach the maximum audience simultaneously. You can find a lot of virtual event experts available online. But what confuses everyone is how to pick the best virtual event platform with remarkable features for your event.

So, here is a list of features that can be helpful to find and pick the best virtual event platform for your event.

11 Features Your Chosen Virtual Event Platform Must Have!

  1. User Friendly

A virtual event platform should be easy to access and use as people from different places will be using the platform. It should be easy to register and sign up for the attendees so that they won’t find it time-consuming and get away without completing the process. Also, with the best virtual event platform, you can get a web-based solution that does not ask you to download any software or application to access the event. Hence, it should be user-friendly.

  1. Customizability

Everyone wants a perfect virtual event they can design and create by themselves. That’s why it is vital that you get a customization option to create an event. The best virtual meeting platform offers the opportunity to design the ambiance and other sessions according to your requirements. Also, you can create booths and banners in order to promote your event sponsors & business partners.

  1. Different Virtual Spaces Available

Every event requires a different virtual space in order to engage the audience with proper ambiance. Moreover, you can choose the virtual event platform that offers various types of virtual events with appropriate space for every activity you want to conduct. You may need a lobby, networking room, meeting room, etc., in your event that your chosen virtual event expert should provide you. Also, you can get numerous auditoriums and booths for every meeting agenda.

  1. Live Streaming Videos

Nowadays, every virtual event requires live broadcasting of various sessions. It is a vital factor to create engagement and a better experience for the attendees at various events like virtual meetings, conferences, and others. Also, with the best virtual meeting platform, you can even get the live poll, Q&A sessions, hooting, clapping, and emoticons as additional engagement features. So, make sure to look for a virtual event platform that provides live streaming key features.

  1. AI Matchmaking

Adding advanced features in your virtual events can amplify your event performance and user engagement epically. Moreover, a virtual event platform that provides an AI matchmaking feature with your event will be a clear yes. AI matchmaking is a technology that matches the attendees based on their interests and helps them find their match during the event. Hence, you can connect with the other attendees who have the same interest as you, just like you meet other people in a physical event. 

  1. Engagement & Communication Features

It is essential that you get engaging tools during the event in order to uplift the speaker’s spirit and make it fun for the audience. For instance, emojis like heart, thumbs up, clap & hoot make it enjoyable as you can react to your expert’s lecture, just like you do in a physical event. Moreover, these tools enhance the experience and make it more like real life. 

For better communication, the virtual event platform offers social walls, web games, GIF photo booths, quizzes, chatting, messaging, and group chatting options so that every attendee can connect & interact with the exhibitor easily.

  1. Business Card Exchange

In a physical event, you meet numerous people and exchange information via business card. But what about virtual events? No need to worry! Even in virtual events, you can exchange your business cards with others. If you choose the best virtual event platform that will provide you with a feature where you can send a request to the person for their business card and receive it as soon as they approve. Similarly, you will get appeals from others and control whom to share your card and whom to not.

  1. Gamification & Leaderboard

You can look for a virtual event platform that provides multiple gaming formats in order to engage the youth audience. Moreover, you can prevent early logouts from your events with gamification. Also, Creating a leaderboard in your event can generate healthy competition among the attendees to win the contest. As per your convenience, you can add some rewards for the participants, such as your brand-named shirts, cups, caps, etc. So, choose a virtual event platform with a gamification feature.

  1. Monetization

Monetization should be a key feature that you should consider for your next virtual event. With monetization, you can showcase some ads in your virtual events and take the users to other spaces or experiences. Also, you can sell the sponsorship using the hotspot feature. Additionally, it is crucial to calculate marketing spending and ROI. So, make sure you look for a virtual event platform that provides easy tracking and analytics.

  1. Customer Support

Attendees’ experience is the most necessary aspect of an event. Hence, you must ensure that you look for a virtual event platform that provides quality customer support. For a better & user-friendly experience, it is essential that if an attendee faces any trouble during the virtual event, it should be resolved immediately. So, customer support is a crucial feature that you must look for in a virtual event platform.

  1. Data and Analytics

Every business has to check the success of their event after the completion, but it requires a lot of data to analyze it accurately. Moreover, you can get complete data and track with the best virtual meeting platform. They will provide you with a footprint from the registration to the end. Also, you can check what attendees were doing during your event and which session or booth engaged the most participants. It provides you with brief detail.

So, these are the various features you must look for in a virtual event platform before choosing one. Hope, you will find this article beneficial to recognize all the necessary elements for a virtual event.



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