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VPS Hosting Vs. Dedicated Server- Which is the best pick for your business?

Currently, there are thousands of web hosts sprouting everywhere, all claiming to be the best. Therefore, you may find it difficult to determine which web host can deliver on its promises. It is vital to understand the characteristics of each type of hosting. Only then you can find out how it works. If you are planning to launch an e-commerce site, you need to drop your free or shared hosting options. They cannot handle heavy traffic.

For small- and medium-sized online businesses, the best hosting options tend to be VPS (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated. If your company is like Microsoft, you may want to buy your server and opt for colocation instead.

What is VPS Hosting? 

The VPS, as its name implies, is a server hosted in a virtual environment on a host server. So one host server is partitioned into separate partitions, each one hosting a VPS server. A cheap VPS hosting is more powerful than shared hosting since you’ll have more resources dedicated to you. As a virtual server, you can install the operating system that you prefer as well as its supporting applications. However, not all applications support virtual machines, especially anti-virus software. So make sure your entire installation can run on a virtual machine.

Virtual servers require some level of technical expertise because they behave like real servers. In addition, they require maintenance, which means you have to know how to install updates, troubleshoot, and do other maintenance tasks.

VPS is the right choice if you require more space for your website and if you need web developers to host their projects as VPS is set to fit their specifications.

Pros of VPS hosting 

  1. Offers optimum performance for the majority of websites 
  2. It is more economical than dedicated hosting 

Cons of VPS hosting 

  1. You do not get as many resources and performance as a dedicated server
  2. The features are limited as you will be sharing resources with others

What is Dedicated server hosting? 

A dedicated server enables you to customize your server based on your preference. It will also grant you full server management capabilities. Dedicated hosting gives you the ability to set up the server based on your preference. The cheap dedicated server hosting comes in two types- managed and unmanaged servers. It is up to you to decide which one you need for your business.

If you select an unmanaged service, your service provider will install your operating system, the software you request, and give you the means to maintain the server remotely. Technical ability is necessary to maintain the server without assistance. 

Meanwhile, managed services involve the company taking care of all the server maintenance for you. Even though these services are more expensive, they are for people with no or limited technical training.

If you notice your website performance is declining, do not risk continuing with shared hosting; it will cost more. But it will be worth it over the long run to keep your visitors and customers.

Pros of Dedicated hosting 

  1. You get plenty of resources that lead to better performance of your website. 
  2. You can easily upgrade to your plan and help your website grow.

Cons of Dedicated hosting 

  1. Dedicated hosting plans are a little more expensive than shared hosting. 
  2. You need technical knowledge and expertise to manage the servers. 


No matter what hosting plans you are opting for, you must analyze your business requirements first. Whether you choose VPS hosting or dedicated hosting, make sure the features it offers fulfill your business needs.  



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