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Top Reasons to Switch to Office 365 for Protection Against Cyber Crimes Today!

With over 150 million active users, Office 365 is the most commonly used cloud application suite across the globe. That’s why they are a prime target for cybercriminals. With the growing number of Office 365 users, cyber-attacks are also increasing. 

Because of that Microsoft has come up with automation for a free Office 365 Vulnerability test that helps the users to respond quickly to concerns with our security posture. 

In this blog, we will talk about the reasons why you should consider using Office 365 to boost the security of your cloud system in your organisation.

Reasons to Start Using Office 365 to Safeguard Your Cloud System

  • Make use of dedicated admin accounts

Office 365 accounts come with elevated privileges that are often targeted by cybercriminals. In other words, we will need a high security to protect your cloud system from unwanted access. To lessen the risk of these accounts that might provide a way for cybercriminals to access all the areas of your work, it is vital to ensure that they are only used for system administration. So, system admins must have separate personal accounts that help only the privileges that are required for daily operations. Also, before the system admins use the high-privilege accounts, they must make sure to close all the unnecessary browser sessions and applications. 

  • Enforce multi-factor authentication

A step that every organisation must take to improve the security of their Office 365 is to enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) across all user accounts. Multi-factor authentication needs users to provide an extra layer of authentication because it involved entering a unique code that is sent to a mobile phone application. It helps in preventing an attacker from gaining access to the associated account. Moreover, you can easily straightforwardly enforce MFA through Office 365 Amin centre. 

  • Conduct security awareness training often

Regardless of the security defences that an organisation might have, human errors are hard to avoid. They are one of the most common causes of breaches. So, all of your employees and third parties must be well aware of their role in maintaining Office 365 security. They can be well aware of everything related to the security of Office 365 by undertaking regular security awareness training that covers all the important areas like password management, social engineering, device management, and data protection.  

  • Proactively monitor your environment

With so many cybercrime threats around you that are capable of breaching the network perimeter, the full visibility of the Office 365 account is super crucial. You can easily detect unusual employee activity with the activated full audit logging within Office 365. More specifically, you will be able to see their activities like which users have logged in and from where. Also, you can view who is accessing and what changes they are doing to the documents. 

Network and endpoint monitoring tools like SIEM, EDR, and IDS can also help to facilitate threat detection. They also help to respond by improving the identification of attacks that target Office 365, both private and public cloud, and hybrid environments. In other words, it will be hard to configure, manage, and monitor without Office 365 monitoring tools. After all, its specialist cloud security skills help you to supervise and manage all the activities of whoever is accessing the documents in your cloud system. 

The Bottom Line

So, what do you think now? Don’t you feel you should also start using Office 365 and boost the security measures of your cloud system? So, if you want to keep your cloud system safe or supervise the activities of your employees, you should also think about using Office 365 with its ultimate security features. You can also think of using Office 365 for its Office 365 Vulnerability test feature that lets you keep scanning the vulnerability. So, without wasting any more time thinking, you should start using Office 365 as early as possible to protect your cloud systems.



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