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How to Improve Your Brand Awareness with the help of digital marketing?

Yesterday, I went to a store to buy something playful & educational for my four-year-old kid. The idea of buying Legos clicked in my mind. I paused for a moment & thought, “Legos are primarily blocks, then why didn’t I think of blocks at first.” It is because legos have a unique identity & they can offer advanced level things building opportunities. This thought is nothing more than the magic of their brand awareness. 

Another example: Have you ever encountered a situation where your fellow is trying to explain a particular product but doesn’t remember its brand name? This happens because of a poor strategy to promote brand awareness. 

What is Brand Awareness? 

Brand Awareness is a term majorly used in marketing to determine – How much of a business’s targeted audience is well acquainted with the characteristics & benefits of the product or services it is offering?

How To Measure Brand Awareness?

The following methods can help you measure brand awareness: 

  • Conduct SURVEYS on social media platforms or online streaming apps

A massive audience tends to spend time on these two channels – social media platforms & online streaming apps. A business can ask the prospects if they know the product & its uses. (Disney+ Hotstar helps businesses to make use of this tactic). 

  • Website’s traffic will say it all

If a website is experiencing organic traffic at incremental rates, your brand and the products or services it offers are getting recognized. Recognition is what we call brand awareness.

  • Be a part of social discussions

You must be available at all the forums or other discussion channels where people tend to discuss your niche. It’ll help you know what their perspective is about the competitive market and whether they are mentioning you or not. 

How to Increase Brand Awareness?

There aren’t multiple brand awareness strategies that can help your brand get recognized. There is only ONE strategy with 5 essential components to help your brand get recognized – Digital Marketing. 

What is Digital Marketing? – It is an online marketing method that operates on various platforms with a motive to increase organic traffic, leads & revenue. 

  1. Boost Your Ranking In Google’s SERP 

People rely on Google to satisfy their search queries. But, people searching for something usually do not research a lot. They tend to believe in the results of the 1st Page. This calls for the need to appear on the 1st Page. But how would you do that? Two methods can help you appear on top at SERP – 

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

We all have seen the ads appearing on top of each page with a highlighted word ad at the beginning. Advertisements are a paid marketing tactic. This means you must pay an amount to appear on the 1st page. These ads have a time limit. Also, it would help if you bid for specific keywords concerning whom you want to display these ads. 

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Search Engine Optimization is a method to grow organic traffic. It is a strategic process. One needs to analyze the website’s business goals, targeted audience & potential flaws to frame an ideal strategy to boost traffic. 

We have been continually experiencing the queries saying, “We are doing all the potential SEO efforts – writing in-depth content worth 2500+ words, improving site speed, fixing all the technical issues & doing internal linking, but still we are unable to move a needle. “To add traction to your SEO strategy, you need to keep certain things in mind: 

  • Content & Backlink quality matters more than content quantity
  • Content optimization is more valuable than content creation 
  • Linking your content to the sites producing similar content comes out to be more useful. 

2. Guest Blogging

This is one of the most popular & useful off-page activities that is believed to improve the authority & trustworthiness of your website. It is majorly used by SEO Toronto experts. But we can use it to increase brand awareness. How? 

Talk about your product and service in depth. Mention all the essential details – characteristics, features, uses, benefits, targeted audience & much more. 

The more informative your blog will be, the more people tend to read it. This leads us to a conclusive statement – The more people read it, the more will be your brand awareness. 

3. Create Landing Page To Match the Specific Search Query

Let’s get transparent with the help of an example – A person wants to know more about the burgers you are selling – ingredients, cooking process, prices & discount offers. When they search ‘Everything about XYZ’s burgers’, they are directed to the homepage of your website, where all the products, including pizzas, spring rolls, tacos etc., are being focused. The visitor will have to struggle to grab the necessary information about burgers. And, if he doesn’t find the information needed after some time, he’ll bounce back from your website and may never return. 

This whole scenario narrates the need for having query-specific landing pages. A landing page is a must for each product or service you are offering. 

4. Blogging Enriched With Useful Information

As mentioned above – The more useful & informative your blog is, the more people will read it. Writing a blog to be posted on search engines on various blogging platforms calls for intelligent work. The writer needs to write a blog that is both useful to the reader & is SEO friendly. A group of keywords needs to be smartly embedded in the valuable information. With this, a writer can increase the potential of a blog to be found for numerous search queries. According to the Hummingbird algorithm update in 2013, “A single piece of content can rank for 1000s of optimized keywords.” Embedding keywords is an art, and stuffing it will lead to google penalties. 

5. Social Media

Today, almost everyone is found having an account on various social media platforms. We can use this platform to help our brand reach prospects. Being consistent with the posting & opartial reliability on social media adverts is all we need. 

Final Words!

When it comes to growing traffic or revenue consistently, businesses often rely on Digital Marketing Toronto. This tactic has emerged as a super-useful method to achieve the mentioned goals by promoting brand awareness. Be it a startup or an already established business; without digital marketing, they’ll always find themselves on the verge of dissolution. 



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