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How To Boost Internet Speed On Your vivo Phone

However, when it comes down to Internet speed get difficult as issues could arise beyond the mobile phone. So, how can you improve the speed of the internet on mobile devices is a common question being asked of Android users.

5 Tricks Before Taking Actions to Increase Mobile Internet Speed

Do not rush to lengthy technical documentation for assistance because often things are simpler to resolve than we thought.

If there’s no signal or network, please confirm:

1.Whether you’ve turned off the mode of flight.

Try restarting your phone, or switch the flight mode off and on and then see if it is able to connect with the internet and receive the signal.

2.Whether the SIM card or cards are free from the slot of the card

Take your SIM card(s) Check whether there’s any dirt, oxidation , or distortion. If there is, wash it up and then put it back in the slot. Switch to a new SIM card, if needed and then switch the flight mode off and on to check if it’s working.Less issues in latest mobile phones in pakistan.

If your cell phone’s signal is weak or unstable If the signal is weak or unstable, check:

1.Whether your service has been suspended because of a lack of balance

The card typically comes with a data plan that comes with the possibility of a limit. Internet access will be limited in the event that data usage exceeds the limit on traffic. Contact the customer service department of your provider to determine whether your SIM card is exceeding the limit.

2.Whether you’re in a region with poor signal

If you discover the network you’re using isn’t functioning well, attempt to move to an alternate location and test the strength of your signal.

3.Whether you’re using an electronic phone case

Make sure to check if you are using a protective case made of magnetic or metal or a magnetic phone case is in use. If yes, remove the items made of magnetic or metal and look for leather or plastic alternatives.

Cards that have magnetic chips can hinder the signal, causing an increase in signal strength and slowing in internet speeds.

If this problem continues to occur You can look into the troubleshooting guide included with your mobile device. For users of vivo there are guidelines below for increasing Android Internet speed.

Smartphone Internet Speed Troubleshooting Guide

The speed of internet connectivity is determined mostly by the Wi-Fi network’s performance and the use of data by carriers.

How can you increase speeds of data networks that are slow?

1.Upgrade to a smartphone with 5G.

Global Telecom has announced that it has launched 5G service in Manila and expects to expand its service to other cities across the Philippines. If you are in the Metro it is a must to try an Android phone with 5G connectivity.

A 2-hour movie can be downloaded in just a few minutes. 5G mobile networks are exceptionally fast as ever before. With 5G cell technology, the Vivo V20 Pro is the best choice for 2021. V20 Pro is a whole package that exceeds your expectations: a front camera with 44MP plus a rear camera with 64MP 2,400×1080 high-resolution display and a powerful battery that is fast charging, and much more.

2.Turn off roaming data.

If you happen to turn on the data roaming feature in your phone, it will not only eat up your bandwidth and slow down Internet speed.

Consider Vivo as an example. visit settings, then dual SIMs as well as Mobile Network SIM card information and settings, select every one of the SIM cards, and verify SIM settings. Make sure that “Data roaming” is turned off in gray.vivo mobile price with dual sim option is competitive with other brands.

3. Reset APN (Access Point Name)

In the same way in SIM settings, you can view the Access Point name (APN). Select it, and then click “Reset to default” until you receive a notification that says “Reset to default APN settings completed”. Now , you’re able to let your phone breathe.

4. Make room for memory expansion

It is strongly recommended to transfer your images, music, games and videos onto the second memory card. By doing this, it can not only let your phone expand and speed up as well as aid in data transfer to transfer data from an older vivo handset to a newer one.

5. Clean the cache and data of the applications

Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Application Manager > click “More” at the upper right corner. Then, show the system processes, then open the app storage > clear data. Other Android phones might also be able to follow similar steps for setting.

6. Do not use your phone during the evening hours (9 9 to 5 pm)

According to research, people tend to be most connected to their mobiles between 8 and 9pm. Utilizing smartphones between 8 and 10 midnight is likely to result in an increase in Internet speed. Be careful not to surf the Internet using mobile devices during this time.

How do I solve slow Wi-Fi?

1.Restart WiFi router, and attempt to connect with the WiFi.

Get closer to the router.

The signal becomes weaker due to long distances or physical intervals such as a wall.

2.Reduce to a minimum the amount of users on the home network.

Get rid of Wi-Fi freeloaders, If there are you have any. Home networks are limited in bandwidth and speed. The Internet speed may slow due to the large number of users.

3.Buy an upgraded router that has more capacity.



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