If you want to create a Netflix clone website and offer it to the market, you will have to work with giants like YouTube TV, Apple TV +, Hulu, HBO Max, CBS, Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and of course Have to compete with Netflix.

It is possible, but you need a 10 million budget, which will allow you to develop a streaming service as well as run a serious marketing campaign.

In addition, you will have to spend a lot of money on the purchase or manufacture of specialized materials. Most platforms charge around $ 9, $ 14, or $ 18 per month, depending on the subscription type.

When creating a clone, be prepared that if you do not have unique content, it is unlikely that you will make a profit. Unique material is very expensive.

Choose An Approach To The Development Of A Netflix Clone Website

1. WordPress

Using the Website to perform the work in a better way; For example, wipe plum ($ 100) or plat pliability ($ 40) for VAT.

You can launch a Netflix clone website within half an hour and it doesn’t cost much. However, the service may have issues with reliability, integration, and scalability.

Still, you can use WordPress themes if you need to test a concept really quickly and cheaply.

2. Custom Development

This is the only way to create customized clones for a specific niche and focus on the needs of a particular customer. This requires a development team consisting of: –

  • 1 project manager
  • 1-2 UX designers
  • 1-2 developers backend
  • 1-2 Android developers
  • 1-2 iOS developers
  • 1 quality assurance specialist
  • 1 business analyst

Develop An MVP Of A Netflix Clone Website

Technology Stack

To launch a clone website like Netflix, you need some tools. Starting from programming languages ​​and ending with services of cloud data storage. Here’s a list of things you need: –

MVP Function Of A Netflix Clone Website

The more features your Netflix clone script website has, the higher the cost. It would be better if you just add the main one in the first version as it will reduce the cost of launching the Netflix clone website and allow it to launch sooner. Here is a list of the main features of a live video streaming website: –

  • Website Design The main point is to maintain the simplicity and legibility of Netflix’s design because the more complex it is, the less users will want to explore it, even if your app Netflix clone website has really good content on its site.
  • Target PlatformsMost customers watch content on TVs using specialized streaming players, smart TVs and gaming consoles. Computers and smart devices are also popular.
  • Payment Gateways If you’re going to be using Apple’s or Google’s operating systems, it’s not necessary to integrate or create your own payment gateway into your Netflix clone website.

Android and iOS both have their own payment systems that allow for purchases in the App Store and Google Play. But other platforms require Amazon Payments, Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, etc.

  • Users’ Registration User registration on the Netflix website or app is taking place via email, phone or Facebook account. It makes registration simple and convenient.
  • User ProfileUser profiles allow customers to add their preferences such as favorite genres, actors, directors, studios, countries, movies and series. Using this information, Netflix’s algorithm shows users new movies and series.
  • Content Search System A standard search system of keywords like genre, actor, country, IMDb rating can be used in the website to find movies or shows.
  • Blocking Of Screenshots, Video Recording This feature is needed to protect against piracy. Yes, it is easy to get around this on Netflix and other websites. However, this barrier is almost inevitable for distributors and media content creators.
  • Chat & Comments They allow users to communicate with each other and also leave impressions of movies, series or TV shows watched.
  • Multiple Language Support One of the best features of Netflix is ​​that it supports multiple languages. This increases the number of customers around the world.
  • Video Player Customers are able to select subtitles, audio track, on / off, volume control, rewind, etc.
  • Push notificationsMake it possible to notify users once a new episode of a new movie or TV series with their favorite actors is released or the subscription is unsubscribed.

Cost Of Building A Netflix Clone Website:

The cost of custom development of the Netflix clone website depends on the developers in different countries.

The average rate for a developer from the United States is $ 90 per hour, Great Britain, Germany, France is $ 67 per hour, and Ukraine is $ 32 per hour.

The quality of a final product is comparable, even as such pillars of the IT market such as Apple, Microsoft and Amazon outsource many tasks by developers from cheap “countries” (mainly Ukraine, Russia and India).
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