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Hand & Skin Care for Rock Climbing

We often stumbled upon climbers’ bloodied hands on the internet. These are the symptoms of survival against all-natural instinct. The wounded hands are the pride of climbers.

These are the battle scars for them. However, wound healing is very important for the next climb. If a climber has durable yet resilient skin, he easily gets climbing success. A climber can not move ahead if his hand skin and fingertips are not resilient to stress. Pro-climbers Bretti Harrington and Steph Davis have shared some hand and skincare tips with us. In this blog, we will discuss them thoroughly. Skin is our largest organ and it needs proper hydration and nourishment for further regeneration. 

Moisturized skin heals fast. But most of the climbers do it wrong, they try to avoid moisture, wear gloves during the shower. It is a completely wrong method. Dry hands get injured easily and need more time to heal completely.

Here we will mention hand and skincare for rock climbers step by step. Read this article till the end for in-depth learning.

Before climbing

Trim your nails. Otherwise climbing steps can hurt your nails badly and pain would be excruciating. When you trim the nail, please make sure a small amount of the part remains in your finger. Experts said that if you see yourself still scratching the wall, then your trimming is not up to the mark. Round the edge of the nails of your finger to desist from hangnails. Proper trimming of fingernails protects a climber from heart-wrenching pain.

Don’t forget to moisturize your hands 1-2 hours before climbing. Don’t moisturize your hands just before climbing as your hand will slip. 

If you apply moisturizer 1-2 hours before climbing, moisturizer is easily absorbed into your hands and hydrated properly without making them wet and slippery. Thus you can strongly hold the rocks while climbing. You should remember that elastic skin does not crack easily, whereas very dry skin easily gets torn.

Important to remember: As a climber, you must not use a wax-based cream. There are plenty of hand repair creams available in the market. Climb skin hand repair cream is one of them. This cream does not contain wax, thus your hands won’t get greasy but hydrate properly after each application. But for safety use it a minimum of one hour before climbing. Generally, hand repair creams contain shea butter and aloe vera for deep moisturization. These ingredients also have wound-healing properties which are very good for climber’s crusty desiccated hand skin.

During Climbing

Don’t ignore the dullness of your skin. We know climbers do not have soft and supple hands. Tough hands are their pride but do not encourage split or tears from the initial level, remove it right away. Experts ask to file it down initially. While starting your journey, you must use the right kind of chalk. There is a different kind of climbing chalk available in the market, but choose chalk that does not contain any drying agent and impurities. 

Good chalks keep your hands healthy, do not create any unnecessary dryness. In this way, you can avoid dullness and the crack of your hands during rock climbing.

After Climbing

File your skin. In the initial phase of climbing, most people develop blisters. It is unavoidable. Gradually your blisters transform into healthy, strong calluses. Being a climber, they always want flat and smooth calluses. When you observe fraying of your skin or calluses, use a sandpaper file to clear the calluses.

Smoother skin comparatively less catches and rip on the climbing holds. Skin files are available at most of the gyms. Experts advise using a double-sided skin file. There are a variety of hand-made double-sided skin files available In the market which are super-long-lasting. Skin files are pocket-sized so you can easily carry them in your goodie bag. Don’t forget to file down calluses that stand out including calluses appearing at the top of your palm.

Next, wash your hands with liquid soap and cold water. Then use a wax-free non-greasy moisturizer for immediate hydration. You can use essential oils along with aloe vera gel in summer for instant soothing and deep hydration. Follow these steps regularly for better results. Some climbers like to put moisturizer again just before bed. As a climber, you have to be very cautious while using a moisturizer. If you choose a traditional wax-based product then make sure to use sock paper along with it to avoid slime up everything around you.

 Here we have shared the deep skin and hand care routine from scratch. We reveal the deep dark secrets of wound free hands of your favorite climbing champion. As a beginner, you must take care of your gripping strength along with your skin. To get in-built grasping ability, practice grip strengthening exercise with a grip strengthener. A good grip strength along with hydrated skin encourages your rock climbing journey. Every beginner should keep in mind that the less time you spend healing hand wounds, the more time you get for climbing.





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