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Why should you choose escape room Bangalore?

Mankind’s need for adventure and entertainment dates back centuries escape room Bangalore. Since time immemorial, we as a species have actively sought adventure and thrill. From the paintings and statues of the “dancing girl” from the Harappan Civilization to the dark history of games and contests held in the Roman Colosseum to a generation of teens obsessed with video gaming, our sources of seeking and satisfying these thrills have transformed massively through time! 

With the advent of the internet becoming available to everyone, everything became easily accessible to all of us, and somewhere we lost touch with actively seeking this thrill passed down to us as a gift from our ancestors. 

escape room Bangalore

In today’s era of video games and virtual reality, we find ourselves, slaves to easier and convenient sources of entertainment, somewhere defeating the purpose of an adventure! Escape room games came as a perfect solution for that. Escape rooms are, at their core, immersive real-life adventure experiences. They create a simulation that suits your preferences and have you escape using clues in a classic race against time! You’re in for a treat, whether you’re playing the classic detective adventure escape room in Bangalore or the scary horror escape rooms in Delhi!  They also give educational, cognitive, and learning experiences through a setting in the real world, unlike any other game experience. Take a look at this list of the benefits that escape rooms offer!  

1. Teamwork – Escape room Bangalore

One of the best benefits that escape rooms have to offer is the atmosphere for fostering excellent teamwork.  What is a better way to persuade a group of individuals to work together in a room and have them escape together? An escape room is essentially a location where you’re not competing with other players but rather collaborating with them to reach a common goal. 

Escape rooms provide the perfect setting for fostering strong interpersonal relationships.  You can engage with your teammates while figuring out how to escape and get to know each other well in that process escape room in Bangalore escape room Bangalore.    

escape room Bangalore

2. Critical Thinking –   

It is a popularly accepted fact that jigsaws, crosswords, word games, and sudoku are beneficial to our mental health as they assist us with our cerebral training and improve memory. An escape room can be considered to be similar to a large puzzle with numerous smaller challenges that need to be solved within it. Escape room games encourage the players to indulge in a battle of wits and against time escape room Bangalore. 

Not only do you have to solve puzzles in a stipulated time, but you also have to exercise your brain and remember the details and specifics to be able to make it out.  escape room in Bangalore Solving puzzles also encourages ingenuity in our thinking since if one answer doesn’t work, one must come up with a new one, which is how it helps us think out of the box and trains assists with our critical thinking, analytical, and reasoning skills!   

escape room Bangalore

3. Your dose of Dopamine – 

Nothing beats the satisfaction of a good performance. That feeling of accomplishment you get from relaxing after knowing you have worked your best and achieved your goal is unrivaled!   escape room Bangalore This experience is caused by dopamine, a feel-good hormone found in our brains. Dopamine’s release benefits our bodies on both a physical and mental level. Dopamine is the natural hormone that creates a rush of feeling satisfied and motivated. When you feel good about something you’ve accomplished, it’s because your brain is flooded with dopamine. This boosts our physical and emotional well-being by regulating our mood and assisting with biological functions such as better circulation escape room Bangalore.  

Few things match up to the excitement of searching through a pile of clues in a thrilling setting, trying to make it out!  Playing escape room Bangalore triggers the release of dopamine in our brains. Rummaging through clues and figuring a way to get out seems like a challenging task , and when we are able to do it, our brain rewards our body by flooding it with dopamine escape room Bangalore.   

4. Communication – 

Effective communication is essential when a group of individuals comes together to solve a problem. Unfortunately, there is always the possibility of significant miscommunication between groups of individuals in real life, such as at work. There isn’t always any communication. Escape rooms can be quite beneficial here! A single session can be a great opportunity for a group of friends or co-workers to figure things out together. To escape the chamber within the time restriction, you’ll need to work together to solve an imminent challenge. 

So, communication is going to be one of the top-most strategic priorities. Most of the time, this happens organically, making comradery rather simple to achieve. The long-term impacts might be applied in the business or in everyday life escape room Bangalore. 


Escape rooms are wonderful for not just testing your cooperative skills but also for bringing people together to have fun and bond. With the host of benefits they offer, everyone should definitely try escape rooms once! 



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