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CoolSculpting: Does it work and is it safe?

Coolsculpting is made of two words – the first-word cool refers to the low temperature used in this surgery and the second word- sculpting means shaping something. This is one of the non-invasive and non-harmful cosmetic surgeries that can make you transform into a slim and fit version of yourself. If you wonder about taking a cool-sculpting surgery, then you need to know some background of this surgery. Here are some facts that reveal all the aspects of cool-sculpting. Read what you need to know about this non-invasive method of fat elimination. 

What is cool-sculpting?

The art of shaping the body with the use of cold temperature is known as cool-sculpting. This happens medically, in the presence of a highly learned surgeon along with their team of experts. The principle of this surgery is cooling down the fat cells to a point where they cease to exist. These fat cells die, leaving behind passive fat traces in the patient’s body.

Here are some features of cool-sculpting:

  • This treatment is a form of cryolipolysis, one of the arts that makes use of the cold temperature to freeze down the fat in the target areas.
  • The importance came into existence after some fat content in the body was found to be unresponsive to diet and exercise methods of fat loss. 
  • This method can work on the abdomen, upper arms, chin, inner as well as outer thigh.

Safety certification of cool-sculpting

Although no medical surgery is 100 percent safe and reliable. It does involve a number of complications as well as risks. Thus, here are some points to establish the safety certifications and authenticity of this surgical method. Go through these points to read about the surgery:

  • This method has already been certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2012.
  • Due to the non-invasive as well as the non-anesthetic nature of this surgery, almost millions of surgeries have taken place so far, globally. 
  • It has been found in a survey that more than 80 percent of people recommend this surgery to their friends and acquaintances.

Functioning of cool sculpting: How does it work?

The working of cool-sculpting has been associated with freezing the fat-containing cells. Moreover, these are the things happening with those fat layers after the surgery has been started:

  • The origin of this surgery goes back to cryolipolysis, the art of freezing the cells. 
  • With the help of this surgery, the energy from the fat layers is absorbed into the external energy, causing the fat cells to cease and die. 
  • In the meantime of the surgery, the surrounding areas like the nerves, tissues, and muscles remain unaffected by the surgery.
  • After some months, when the body of the patient has adjusted according to the surgery, the cells initially removed during the surgery are filtered out as waste through various mechanisms. 

This is a short mechanism of cool-sculpting that can explain the working of the cool-scultping method in short.

Who must not take Coolsculpting surgery?

You must refrain from taking cool-sculpting in many cases. It is important to keep you away from the side effects that may worsen after a time period. You must not take it, if:

  • You have a sensitivity problem with extreme cold.
  • You are already suffering from some weight gain problems or going through hormonal changes.
  • If your doctor has denied you taking it, due to any known or unknown cause. 

Side effects and recovery after Cool-sculpting  

Here are some instances that explain the inconvenience and side effects that have been seen or reported by many patients of this surgery:

  • Pain in the target area 
  • Bleeding in the operated area  
  • Sensitivity to cold 
  • Irrigation for prolonged periods 
  • Redness and aching 
  • Swelling and cramping of the skin 

Recovery tips after cool-sculpting

When it comes to recovery, here are some things that may keep the side effects away from you. Follow these tips for protection against side effects”

  • Don’t do any heavy exercises and lift heavy weights.
  • Eating or drinking something outside the recommended chart would be harmful.
  • Have patience with the side effects as they will go away after some days. 

If any signs persist, then you must contact the doctor and get the required aid immediately. 


One must have an idea of the method, background information, and other aspects of cool sculpting. In this write-up, this has been described in the form of points. For someone who would have gone through the points about this surgery, most of the things have been shared about the surgery. 

It is important to be in touch with the experts. For convenient services, it is possible to get in touch with experts who are experienced in dealing with these kinds of surgeries more often.  You can refer to the cool sculpting in Dubai for consultations sessions that lend you the best quality services.



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