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A Simple Buyer’s Guide to Winter Work Gloves

Winter can make working in the outdoors quite a challenging task. Without the right equipment, outdoor work can be dangerous. Rain, snow, or ice can make your hands slow and painful. 

One way to handle things in the winter and keep your hands safe from the elements is a pair of insulated work gloves. Winter gloves keep your hands warm and dry and save them from the winter elements so that you can work comfortably. 

However, with an endless amount of options available, choosing the right pair might be confusing. Keeping that in mind, here we have come up with a simple buyer’s guide to help you buy the right pair of winter work gloves. So, read on. 

Things to Look for in Winter Work Gloves

With the huge number and types available, buying the right pair of winter work gloves can be challenging. But making the decision need not be much difficult. Here are a few things to consider when buying a pair of winter work gloves.

Type of Glove Insulation

When choosing a pair of winter work gloves, the first thing to check is the type of insulation present and the material of construction of the glove. A number of materials, including nylon, leather, spandex, and polyester are used to build the gloves. 

Out of all the materials, gloves made from leather are thick and traps the body temperature, whereas synthetic materials are thinner and more dexterous. 


When you have worn your gloves for long hours, they may get sweaty and wet. With this occurring, your gloves lose all their insulation value. So, breathability is important, and when choosing a pair make sure it allows air to escape so that your hands do not get overheated. Natural fibers like wool provide ultimate breathability.

Gripping Material

Another thing you need to consider is the gripping material of the gloves. The right gripping material will allow you to hold something without slips that might happen due to the winter elements. The grips in a pair of gloves are typically made from latex, PVC, or Nitrile rubber. 

Latex dipped gloves: These gloves offer great flexibility and grip and they also come in different styles and materials. 

Nitrile Coated Gloves: Nitrile-coated gloves are great at resisting water, oils, and other chemicals. This allows a fantastic grip and you can grip anything without worrying about slips.

PVC Dot Gloves: These are knit gloves that come with a dot pattern made from PVC. This pattern gives the wearer the grip that they need.

Waterproof Materials

Waterproofing is another thing that you must consider when you buy a pair of winter work gloves. Sometimes, your hands get soaked in snow or water in the cold winter and that can damage your skin and nerve endings. 

So, waterproofing is important and you must choose a pair with an interior waterproof bladder. This will help keep your hands warm and dry. 


A glove is as good as it lets you do your work. In the cold winters, it’s common for your hands to get stiff and numb. Choosing the right pair of winter work gloves will help you work with flexibility and confidence. So, always go for materials that are flexible enough to let you do your task comfortably.

Choose the Right Size

Lastly, you must choose your insulated work gloves that fit your hands perfectly. A larger pair will only make things uncomfortable as you do your work. And choosing a smaller size will make your hands tighter thus taking away from the effectiveness of the glove. 

So, that was all about winter work gloves and the several factors you must consider when buying one. Apart from guarding your hands against the winter elements, the right pair of winter work gloves must also be flexible, waterproof and of the right size. 

If you are looking for a great pair of winter work gloves, you can always turn to us for the finest pairs.



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