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8 Keen Ways to Take Care of Your Outdoor Cushions

Patios, verandas, porches, rooftops and backyards are not required for homes, however if you have them, you would definitely be glad. They do not only add value to your property but also boost its functionality. Oftentimes, these areas are used as extensions of indoor rooms. As everyone is aware of, they are mostly used as resting zones where tables, chairs, benches and outdoor cushions are set. 

These furniture and more seating accommodation make those outdoor areas perfect for calm and relaxation. Moreover, they prettify the outside stretches of your house. It’s probably one of the reasons why many homeowners put effort into beautifying the outdoor seating on their patios and courtyards. Of course, high-quality outdoor furniture helps make that happen.

But it is essential for homeowners to take note that furniture placed outside the house and in areas not covered with walls and/or roofs are not the regular furniture used inside. What makes the biggest difference is the fact that they should not simply be snuggly but also enduring from weather to weather, season to season. Furthermore, they seek more attention and maintenance compared to indoor sofas and tables.   

Yup, although outdoor furniture is created and designed for using outside, they need your concern and protection. Learn how you can do that. Here are 8 keen ways to take care of your outdoor cushions.

1 – Place them under a roof or anywhere shaded.

As much as possible, place your outdoor cushions on the ground under a roof. If not under a roof, it should be anywhere shaded. You can put a huge umbrella for that purpose. 

This is to ensure that your cushioned furniture will not be very exposed to the sunlight. With this, you will not be hurt by cushions that become hot because of the scorching heat of the sun. Furthermore, you do not need to panic about the outdoor cushions getting damped once the rain pours. The roof or the free-standing canopy will protect them for sure!  

2 – Cover them when not in use for a long time.

Outdoor cushions will get wrecked in no time if they are soaked under the sun. They might fade and peel over time. 

For big furniture, the most convenient method to secure them is to cover them with a thick tarpaulin or a protective sheeting when not in use for a long time. 

Say you are going on a vacation that will last for more than a day, leaving your house with no one. You will never know if it’s going to suddenly rain, so best to be prepared and preventive. Buy plastic covers for those outdoor cushions. These plastic sheets are made for big home seating, so they have ventilation opening for air to flow in and out, fending off the possibility of quality alterations and bad smell. 

Shield your outdoor cushions against water (rainwater), too much heat and dust using any covering you can utilize, that will totally guard your outdoor cushions. This is exceptionally a must if you asked your new home builders to create you built-in outdoor seating. Since you cannot transport this kind of seating area, cover it. 

3 – If they are located in the open, move them in when the rain is coming.

Water is the number one element that can wreck outdoor cushions instantly! If your cozy couches are located in the open, like in an uncovered backyard or garden, move them in when the rain is coming. 

Well, you do not really need to bring them inside the house for that matter. Just relocate them to your roofed patio or veranda. 

Do not be complacent about the water-resistant features of your outdoor cushions. They can wear out sooner or later if heavy rain confronts them and not just any water or soft drizzle. Carry them to a dry and safe area.    

4 – If you didn’t expect rain or snow to fall, immediately dry off the cushions.

Fine, there are times when you did not expect rain or snow to fall, yet it did, and your problem is about your outdoor cushions getting drenched. Yup, weather forecasts are sometimes a little different from what happens, and that happens. Or sometimes, you did not hear of the news, so do not blame yourself for being late to carry your furniture to the roofed patio. 

What you can do now is to immediately dry off the outdoor cushions once you are able to take it to a covered space. Shake off and squeeze out the water. Let them dry completely by the air. Mildew and mold will grow if you leave them rained on and wet for a long time.  

5 – Protect them from kids’ muddy shoes.

Since outdoor cushions are set on the lawn, on the garden or on any grassy area at home, kids playing and running around might bring them dirt and grime coming from their muddy shoes. Protect your seating! Let the kiddos know what to do and what not to do. If they are not yet big enough to fully understand what you are instructing them, just make sure to supervise them and remove their slippers or shoes before letting them climb the outdoor sofas. 

6 – Keep pests and pets away from your cushions.

The biggest enemies of cushioned seating are pests, namely rodents, bed bugs, beetles, dust mites, cockroaches and more insects. They bite and destroy your beautiful outdoor cushions. Use pest control guards, tools or sprays to stop them from coming and to shoo them away. 

On another note, your own animals, your pets, should also be kept away from your outdoor cushions, especially if you are aware that it’s their habit to bite stuff and tear off couches and pillows. Cover your outdoor seating or install fences around it, so your unleashed pets cannot reach and munch on them.  

7 – Spray fabric guard to prevent fading.

Compared to indoor seating, outdoor cushions can easily fade in color due to heat and moist exposure. To prevent discoloration and paling, spray fabric guard on them. Preserve the comeliness of your snuggly furniture.   

8 – Learn the exact cleaning method for your cushions. 

Last but a very essential tip, learn the exact cleaning method for your cushions. Different kinds of cushions demand different manners of cleaning and sanitizing. Make sure you do the do’s and forgo the don’ts. Read the manufacturer’s cleaning guide. Use the suitable cleaning agents and tools. Be gentle, so your outdoor cushions will be washed clean without getting damaged. 


Being placed and used outside all the time, outdoor cushions are exposed to natural elements that may cause their early deterioration in quality. This equates to being at risk of getting damaged accidentally too. 

Even so, that does not mean you cannot and should not put cushioned seats in your favorite resting patches outside your house. You still can and should, actually! No worries! Why? Because you can always do something to safeguard them and lengthen their lifespan. Care for outdoor cushions, so they can last nicely long!



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