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7 Tips to Boost Site SEO with Conversational AI

In 2022, many businesses and customers will be focusing on mobility and automation. These days, voice search is projected to reach new heights. Machine learning and natural language mimic human interactions for processing, and conversational AI identifies and interprets speech and text inputs in various languages. Many consumers are also using voice to search for local businesses. Small businesses are also embracing chatbots and virtual assistants as part of their customer care to improve their customers’ experience. Furthermore, they use conversational AI to make searches and purchase selections in many different forms. Let us find how conversational AI helps the business to grow by boosting SEO: 

Major ways to use conversational AI in SEO

  1. Increase the website loading speed 

The speed with which your website loads is crucial to its SEO, and it has a direct link to higher Google rankings, faster lead creation, and conversion rate. People abandon websites that take more than 2-3 seconds to upload, and the existence of an AI chatbot might now speed up the loading of your website. As a result, if you have an AI chatbot on your website, you must routinely check the performance of this measure and take action as needed.

    2. Improve dwell time

A user needs assistance in checkout processes and many other navigation-related website activities. If a user doesn’t get it, he will leave the site early. This can impact a site negatively. When a search engine looks at it, it concludes that the page does not provide visitors with the assistance they require. In terms of SEO, it is considered bounce rate, and a longer bounce time is harmful. Conversational AI can assist us here. They encourage visitors to spend longer time on the page, increasing dwell time. The longer a visitor interacts with the chatbot, the higher their dwell time. 

    3. Link to crucial web pages

Direct users to different pages on your site and encourage them to dig further into it to boost time spent on it. Conversational AI excels in this area because it can interpret the user’s question and determine which page is most appropriate for the query. As a result, employing chatbots to link to different pages on the site provides a terrific user experience by effortlessly guiding them to the answer to their question. It also improves SEO by keeping users on your site for a longer period.

     4. Provide a personalized customer experience

The statistics show that 80% of the visitors buy a product or service if the user experience is customized. For creating a personalized experience, AI chatbots are the clear winners. AI chatbots can quickly narrow down deals, product recommendations, and other relevant aspects to the customer’s needs. Conversational AI is smart enough to search for content relevant to website users’ needs. For instance, by studying customer behavior, you can feed the chatbots with frequently asked questions to handle the maximum queries. When the users are given special attention, they will refer to a site more.

      5. Improved website usability and functionality

Chatbots are a great way to improve the functioning of your website by helping customers move through the sales funnel and providing rapid assistance at key stages in their journey. As a result, your users’ website navigation becomes more fluid and linear, resulting in a more enjoyable user experience. These elements add a higher usability score for your website to improve SEO.

      6. High website ratings

The simple logic is that the better your customer service, the more favorable reviews and ratings you’ll get on search engines and social media sites. As a result, the higher your SEO ranking. To get a good rating, you need to focus on customer care. Here, you can employ chatbots to easily replicate the in-store, personalized experience that store agents are known for. It makes the brand a more trustworthy and customer-focused organization with increased brand loyalty.

       7. Real-time data collection 

Real-time data is necessary to know the consumer behavior, and it includes knowing customers’ likes, dislikes, preferences, pain areas, etc. These bots can collect, store, analyze, and extract critical customer-centric data throughout the buyer’s journey. They look through chat chats for clues as to where clients are having problems on the website, and accordingly, we can work on those weak points. It helps the customers to make smarter purchasing decisions. 


After the above discussion, we can conclude that conversational AI affects SEO greatly by handling multi-language queries, helping people to action searches, analyzing the questions typed, optimizing natural language, focusing featured snippets, optimizing content for local and voice searches, identifying and using long-tail keywords to assist search engines in comprehending you better. All in all, conversational AI aids the website to optimize significantly to meet their business goals. If you also want to rule the SERPs, you can hire SEO Perth services!



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